Monday – 9.30am (60 mins)
Yoga Flow Class
Greenwood Centre Toton
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Monday – 13.30 (60 mins)
Yoga For Beginners
Bold Fitness Studio Stapleford
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Wednesday 6.30pm (60 mins)
Yoga for Beginners
Greenwood Centre Toton

Thursday – 7pm (60 mins)
Online Yin Yoga (via Zoom)

Friday – 10am (60 mins)
Yoga Flow class
Hartington Village hall Hartington Peak District
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Every month (Sat or Sun)  4pm 
Restorative  yoga class ( 60 mins)
Greenwood Centre Toton

Please see my Facebook page for more details  and you can book all my classes at bookwhen

Everyone is welcome to the classes – no experience of yoga is required. Please contact me if you would like any more information about the yoga classes.

Flow/Vinyasa Yoga

This is the most popular form of yoga. The class will be based on a sequence and the student will flow from one pose to the next. The breath is very important during the sequence and should be the foundation of the practice.  

The class may contain breathwork and meditation.  

Benefits – moving energy, increasing flexibility/strength and creating balance in the body. 

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is mainly a floor based practice and you may hold the poses for 3-5mins. This style of yoga is about creating stillness in the body/mind and releasing tension in the  muscles.

Benefits – helps students to slow down, can release tension and stress in the body/mind, can help to improve energy levels and improve flexibility.  

Restorative yoga 

Restorative yoga is a restful practice that is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching. Typically holding comfy style poses for 6-7 mins (using lots of props).

Benefits – Mindfulness practice and brings the nervous system back into a rest and digest state.